Serenity after the storm

August 28, 2011
I throw my head back
A scream escapes my parched lips
It hangs in the silence
Of the solemn, serene beach
Save the crash of the waves

I kick my shoes off
Strip down
Shiver in the night air
Gingerly creep toward the foamy water

Then waves are crashing over my feet
And I feel the rough, grainy sand between my toes
I walk in up to my hips
And wait
For the cold to turn me numb
Next up to my shoulders
And wait again

I breathe in the salty air
Look up to the moon
The empty lifeguard station
The still and silent amusement park
I listen to my heartbeat
The waves
The quiet

One last deep breath
A few more steps
And then nothing
But blackness
Blackness and calm

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