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August 28, 2011
By jenniejen SILVER, Gulf Shores, Alabama
jenniejen SILVER, Gulf Shores, Alabama
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.blue eyes, bright skys, a playful smile and sweet lullabies, little crys and tiny fist, these are the things im going to miss. Time go fast and time goes slow, but time never shows you how to let go. Hes going to get big, he's going to be a man, but one thing he'll always have is my love, time can give and take but my love for him will always stay, Hes my love, life and son and i promise he's going to grow to be someone. I didnt not and will not set him up for failure, i'll only give what can make him better. I will not give him limits on his dreams, he will reach everything in between. I see it in his eyes, that not even the skys can make him fall, he reaching for it all.


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