Jigsaw Heart

August 28, 2011
By lockedcellardoor SILVER, Boise, Idaho
lockedcellardoor SILVER, Boise, Idaho
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Favorite Quote:
"What you hope for is that at some point of the pointless journey, indoors or out, and when you least expect it... so neatly that you never feel a thing, the kind assassin Sleep will draw a bead and blow your brains out." -Richard Wilbur

“There is a hell
Believe me I’ve seen it
There is a heaven
Let’s keep it our secret”
Bring me flowers
In the fields and roads
Together our foot beats will talk
Let’s get lost
In this mapless wilderness
The mysterious tangled undergrowth
Of our lives
Multifaceted and smoldering
The sun falls
Auburn and gold, the sky unfolds
You know what they say;
Rare birds of a feather
Fingertips thrumming
Pulse beat erupting
Breath holding inhale exhale
The rain drums on the rooftop
Our hearts the lonely hunters
Padlocked and hidden, tied double knot
We don’t need what we want
Run, run, her kiss is a vampire
And I’ve been bitten
Yours truly, the latest victim devoured
Got demons up all night
Worth the fight
Cross the empty cage of my ribs
Hope to die
Refract, react, collide
My figure and my feats
Imagining the disaster
Trading places, we mad hatters
Vacant words shattered
Holy and lonely
Shhh…the whisper seeping in
Welcome to my wonderland
I am reaching
From the depths down below
Eater of souls
True story never told
Hear me pleading
Eye to eye, still alive
Digging my own grave
All I see scares me these days
Not a masquerade to escape
And your mask is too safe
Terrified and humbled
The moon never lies-
We shine like human diamonds
We stand as tall as lions
We’re the dream catchers and fortune tellers
Feet on the dash
And the world doesn’t matter
Infinite, we’ll live forever and always

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