Please Lie

August 27, 2011
By Anonymous

Just sometimes,
I wish you would lie.

I’m pretty sure you have before,
So it’s not that you can’t,
But rather you won’t.

I’m the strong one,
But sometimes I feel weak,
And I could use a night of sleep.

I wish you would think of me,
And lie.
I lie to you all the time,
I think of you,
I know how hard it is to be in these shoes.

You’re struggling,
You need help to hang on,
And I’m here for you.
I always will be,
Awake and listening.

If you lied,
I could leave you now,
Not have any guilt tomorrow.

You won’t lie though,
You’ll tell me everything,
While I cry,
And you’ll never know.

I told you to always tell me,
I mean it,
So its okay you don’t lie,
But I wish you did.

You’re killing my slowly,
One day I’ll die,
But it’s okay,
Because by then you might be fine.

You don’t lie,
And then say you’re okay,
If that’s true,
Why am I helping you?
And how come when I’m not okay,
There’s no one to talk to?

Sometimes; Just sometimes,
I wish you would lie,
If you lied,
I could fall asleep and not be afraid of what I’ll wake up to,
But since you didn’t,
I’m afraid to close my eyes.

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