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August 27, 2011
By LlamaWorshipper SILVER, Bonita, California
LlamaWorshipper SILVER, Bonita, California
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I know you’re probably thinking either one of three things
One, what does SHE want?
Two, how is she going to insult my parents and I THIS time?
Or three, you may not even be thinking anything at all
You may even be thinking a combination of many things that I might have not come up with
You may never read this
If you don’t then that’s fine
But just to let you know
I am not here to insult you or your parents
But these are things that need to be said
Yesterday we were madly in love
Now today we hate each other’s guts
That’s what it looks and feels like
I guess we were not meant to be
Even though we had good times
The amount of bad times match up as well
This was the best relationship I ever had
It was the most disappointing one I ever had
It’s bittersweet
Just like this poem
I totally agree with what my mom said too
I even helped write that e-mail
If you don’t believe me,
You can ask her
I would’ve said sorry
If you guys had approached it differently
Instead of threatening to end our relationship
I tried to pick my words ever so carefully when writing my e-mails to you
My mom helped me too
I wasn’t trying to offend you
I was trying to open your eyes like I have been trying to do for the past few years
But now I finally give up on you
We live in two completely different worlds
How can a relationship like that work?
It was inevitable that we would have come to an end
But I never would have thought the ending to our story would have been this bad
With the amount of distance between us
I’m surprised it even lasted this long
But I’m glad it did
I don’t ever and will never regret the time we spent together
I learned a lot of things
And I gained a lot of things
I gained strengths
I gained fears
I only gained from this
Even though I’m not sure if you love me anymore
And you’re spending every minute trying to forget me
Know and heed this
I will always have a special place in my heart for you
And it may not look like it
But my love will always be there in that special place
You are my first true love and will always be
Even if one day I date and/or get married to someone else
Even if you do end up calling me things like the Devil and the Wicked Witch of the West
That won’t change the fact that my love for you will always still be in my heart
Like they say
“You never forget your first love”
I only gave up our relationship because I want you to become the first American captain of QM2
I don’t want anything getting in your way
Even me
My final good byes are drawing near
This poem has to end sometime
Even though you may think differently
I hope life treats you well
And that eventually you find a girl that is right for you
Knowing that you’re the God of Brats
It will be hard for any girl to please you
But eventually one will be good enough
She will turn up when you least expect it
Despite your efforts of trying to stay single
I’m not sure if I will be as fortunate
Because there are some cases that some souls don’t have soul mates
Not to be rude
Even though I’m pretty and smart
That may just not be enough
I’m okay with it
At least I’m mature enough to accept that possibility
As my favorite character Axel would say
“Anyhow, I digress.”
I’m afraid I may also have too
It was nice to know you and have a bittersweet relationship
Live life to the fullest and let it take you wherever it does

The author's comments:
I wrote this when I first broke up with my ex. This is in collaboration with my I Don't Love You poem

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