August 27, 2011
By Rainier Austin BRONZE, San Ramon, California
Rainier Austin BRONZE, San Ramon, California
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I’m sorry
I tried
And I trudge by your
Looking forever in the
Same direction

And I cried
For your daughter
Who will never know you
And I tried to take a piece
Of you back, I hope
A photo will suffice

And I wish
I had tried harder
I could have been there
When you left
The stars we
Were so close to
Shined brighter that

And I know
You had so much hope
To do great things
To be a step closer
To perfection
Whatever that
Is, I hope
You now know

And I think
That you would be proud
Of your little girl
She is so bright
Like you
She has dreams too

And I told her
You can’t
I can’t let you,
Your daddy would kill

And I stare at your
Frozen remnants
Haunting me
And I try
To remember
At least you never
It was as
Fast and simple
As falling asleep

And I wonder,
Do you see me
Trying and
Crying and
Wishing and
Knowing and
Thinking and
Telling and

And I have
To say,
How can you
Just leave?
You were not ready to go

And I am not done.
You had so much
And I don’t know
Why, we never could
Have imagined this

And I have another
Thing to say
I’m sorry
I tried
But I was so shocked
To get the gritty
of what had happened.

And you
Are gone
Your lifeless shell
Still stays where
You left it
Two steps
From the roof

And I,
I am left
On the
And lonely

And I hope
You see
The world you
Left behind

And I
Am so
Sorry I couldn’t
But you were
So far up
And I,
So low.
I tried.

The author's comments:
I read a book for my English class and this poem was the product of an interpretive assignment. The book was High Exposure by David Breashears, a mountaineer and film maker. This autobiography includes a notable part focusing on the tragic 1996 season on Mount Everest.

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