Wherever you go, there you are

August 11, 2011
close my eyes, count to three
is this a nightmare or a dream
the sun goes up, the moon goes down
my emotions have been the same all around

I've gone here, I've been there
I've been almost everywhere
and now in honesty all i see
is the dark abyss that throttles me

let me close my eyes and see sunshine
let's go back to those days where you were mine
let me open my eyes and see moonlight again
the faded memories now shine through my head

i think of the words you once said
"my ray of sunshine, I'll love you til the end"
i guess the end came too soon, it came way to fast
and now i wonder how we let this pass

and when times like this come around
i remember something you said that kept my emotions in a bound
"Wherever you go, there you are"
and that's what has kept me living this far.

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