Without God

August 11, 2011
By Anonymous

Without God I know exactly where I’d be
Without God there’d be nothing on that tree
Without God we would never fall short
And we wouldn’t be good
And we wouldn’t be bad
We’d be nothing Without God

But I
Would have been dead a long time ago
And I
Would have been hurt awhile before
I would have crawled on
On my hands and knees
And the dirt would drip from
My bloody feet
I would scream my throat raw
Begging for my answer
But Without God
I’d be alone

Maybe we’d have towns
Maybe we’d have families
But I think that we’d
Have killed each other long ago
‘Cause no law means no right means no wrong
Means no boundaries no consequences
No authority
No guilt
Anything you want you can do and can be done to you

Without God we would cry in eternal despair
No sun would light the sky
Of a freezing cold
Formless World

We would huddle in a place
Not day and not night
Keeping far away from everyone
Cannot trust even yourself
Predator and Prey
Is it cold is it hear?
Do we burn in this night?
Do our hearts break
Our bodies fall
Our minds scream
In Hell?

The author's comments:
Hell is a world without God, so I was just thinking about it in the shower and then had to run out because I realized I was singing about it under my breath and was totally going to forget what I was saying if I didn't write it down.

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