August 11, 2011

7:00 am (in my bedroom)

I wake up
all in a rush, but still with time
to pause and select one
from my collection of faces

I will wear Apathy this morning
the black eyed one, but take
the others with me, just in case
I suddenly need a new self

12:00 pm (in the cafeteria)

I was right to bring the other faces
because now I need to wear the happy one
(the one that's cracked and peeling from misuse)
so I don't trouble my friends
with what's really in my mind

3:10 pm (stepping onto the school bus)

Another change
Impervious this time
to taunts and objects thrown
at 'the freak' on the bus
who never throws back

5:30 pm (back home)

The front door opens
just as I switch to the 'I'm Okay' face
It has dull eyes
and is lacking a mouth
because I rarely smile
and hardly ever talk, let alone speak
when 'I'm Okay.'

11:00 pm (my bedroom)

the last step of preparing
for another night awake
is to put all the faces
back in their places
Easy enough, until I notice
the blank spot between Apathy and Happiness
Something has gone missing

where is my face?

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