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To: Pen Ward From: A girl who's made a life from Ooo

August 11, 2011
By abmusiclover DIAMOND, Hyde Park, Vermont
abmusiclover DIAMOND, Hyde Park, Vermont
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"Don't tell us how it ends because were the ones who wrote the end."
-The Academy Is..

The things I want to say to Pen Ward:

I've always been reality based
never had much of a fantasy taste
so why is it that my creativity climbs,
up the ladder of Adventure Time?
Hours and hours of each everyday
I'm sitting here drawing
some say wasting away
Surfing the net
while dwelling in Ooo
Searching away...
wishing it to be true
it's a place that I go
whenever I'm down
and thank you so much for being around
Its given me a new zest in life
A new reason why theres no need for strife
A binder I hold
thats full to the brim
the pictures it holds
are of the world that I'm in
and this show is more
than T.V to me
it's an alternate reality
So I give you the greatest thanks from me


The author's comments:
I really hope that one day I can tell Pen just how must Adventure Time has changed my life. So thanks Pen, for everything it's made me a better person. :)

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