Going With The Flow

August 5, 2011
By WiggityWack SILVER, Blahhhh, Nebraska
WiggityWack SILVER, Blahhhh, Nebraska
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Hope. Dream. Make it happen..>>

Trying to survive is hard, especially in this world.
I try to stay above the water but I always seem drown. I try to climb the tree but I always seem to fall. I have no idea what my future holds. But I hope its something beautiful. Trying just isn’t working for me. School disappoints me, when I think am on top am really on the bottom, when my sorrow will end. Happiness, yeah that’s what I want, do I get it Nah...Nobody understands me and I don’t expect anyone to understand me but God who created me. I feel like a bird on the edge of a tree branch wanting to fly and make their family proud as they fly away. But this bird is still at the edge of the tree branch looking down, feeling down, but not letting down.

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Free thinking, free writing

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