Fit me

August 26, 2011
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We’ve got hands
And we’ve got feet
Yet somewhere along the line
We seemed to have missed
A crucial beat
Our hearts both beat
Our organs are… organized
Yet we ride different waves
Sit in different seats
Sometimes we share a bed
Kiss your night
And I’ll kiss mine
It’ll be like we kissed
For the very first time
Soft lips and timid tremors
Shaking us to pieces
What happened next
Neither of us are clear
We graduated through stages
Milestones… whatever…
Though time did sleep
We roared on through
Oh we roared and roared
We even titled the terrific ones
Roaring and roaring
At each other
Through obstacles
Roaring on the road
What a long road we ride
What a very long road we ride
I will always ride this road
Until the day love dies

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