Make Believe

August 25, 2011
By emilyli202 PLATINUM, Fort Wayne, Indiana
emilyli202 PLATINUM, Fort Wayne, Indiana
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She’s the one
That flattens her hair, not so her face will look pretty,
But for others to see her face.
That walks down the halls with her head held high,
Not to catch the eye of friends she passes,
But to appear social and put-together.
She’s the one that laughs loud and smiles whenever you’re around.
Not because she’s having the time of her life,
But because she wants you in hers.
A Barbie doll living in a hazy, surreal world,
Her reality is the daydream of your smile.
She’s the one that bought that lacey black bandeau
For the notion of lying in your arms.
That applies makeup
Not necessarily for walking by you,
But to feel confidant when she sees you.
She has many problems of course,
But the biggest is her imagination.
That takes her places she’d do anything to be..
Looking into those eyes, leaning against your shoulder..
Chance is the reason her heart beats,
And your kiss is the reason she wakes up..
If only she were the one.

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