Alli Zanin

August 25, 2011
You were a true fighter
You were a sister and a friend
You made me wiser and brighter
You fought until the end

Although you died, your love lives on
You changed us in many ways
Your love was like the sun
You always made my day

You have family that'll always love you
You're one of the best sisters I've had
I know that you know that I love you too
But knowing you're gone makes me sad

I feel all this pain and all this sorrow
Knowing that you won't come home
This will go on today and tomorrow
And for many years to come

Whenever I was sad, you were there
To hold me and to say you loved me
You were there to say "I care
and that you can always talk to me"

You wrote me a little poem that made me smile
And I'll keep it with me forever and always
You may not see it or hear it for awhile
But knowing you'll hear it in my heart, I'll say it anyways

I will love you forever
I will like you for always
As long as I'm living
My Alli you'll be.

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