Lost in the world of love

August 25, 2011
By Invisible567 SILVER, Abington, Massachusetts
Invisible567 SILVER, Abington, Massachusetts
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"All of the mistakes I have made make me who I am today."

Im lost
In a room of people
Im lost
Where shall i go?
What path is the right path?
Im lost
Someone find me
Who is that?
Trying to hurt me?
To wound my heart
How do i find my way back
With my heart wounded and my mind confused
Where has he gone?
That boy i once loved
Has the dove been murdered?
Oh, how i loved him
Now he has left
What is it, really?
How has it made me this lost?
My life may end in tragedy, or be as a fairytale
I ponder that
Will i ever be found?
Goodness,find me

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