This Wall Between Us

August 25, 2011
If you haven’t figure out why this wall is between us then your blind, if you think I will forgive you after what you did then you must be out of your mind. I build this wall to keep you away from me this wall is a symbol of how you screw your self out of a relationship. The thing you did is why I build this wall between us and you can never come back to me I hate you for what you done.
You and I will never be the same again I walk out of your life as you walked out of mine I told you to stop but you kept doing it and it caused your body to become weak I tried to help you but you pushed me away like I was your enemy but the day you wanted to come back into my life I pushed you away knowing that you will bring that black death in to my life. This wall will always be between us cause you and I are done and if you don’t get what im saying then stop killing your brain before for you lose a friend…oh wait your too late you lost me behind the wall.

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