Can't Hide It

August 27, 2011
By Anonymous

The ink spreads upon the paper,
Leaving a trail of black puddles,
They cannot be erased,
I have similar marks on my heart.

I have never face rejection like this,
Never felt so low,
Pushed down into a deep hole,
All alone without even a view of the sky,
No shooting stars to tye my hopes too.

I wanted to escape so bad,
If I could have I would have run,
Scaled walls, jumped off a building,
Anything to get away.

I couldn’t breathe,
And I lied to you,
You think I had fun?
Were you there next to me?

I promised I wouldn’t talk about it,
I never wanted to say I care,
I’m stronger than that,
But I need a release somewhere,
Even though you will see this,
I can’t keep it all in.

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