August 27, 2011
By Anonymous

I knew right from the start,
I saw how you were once again their number one,
And I knew it wasn’t going my way.

You were so blind,
Claiming to not see it coming,
But you were begging for it.

I heard the words,
The pitying apology,
I let it roll of my shoulders.

I tried to live inside the music,
But I couldn’t escape that way.

You want pity,
You had no fun,
You really didn’t want it,
But I have a question,
Choose you or me.

Pushed to the end,
Sympathy ensued,
And I held the fake smile in place.

I was alone,
Put on the outside,
When I spend all my time,
Finding a way in.

Too bad I don’t know the words,
Too bad I wasn’t pretty enough,
Too bad I couldn’t sing our favorite song with you.
I love that song,
As much as you do.

And when it played,
The speakers throbbing kept my heart pounding,
I wanted it to stop.
I tried to sing,
My victory was knowing the song,
But my voice was gone.

I tried so hard not to cry,
That I was drowning in the air,
You didn’t even notice,
You were otherwise occupied.

I mentioned it later,
And again you didn’t see me,
I was right there,
Raw as can be,
When will you get a clue?
I’m flailing in the water,
And I need you.

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