Everyday I love you

August 27, 2011
By sodapop110 BRONZE, Berkeley, California
sodapop110 BRONZE, Berkeley, California
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Everyday I have wanted to express the radiance of your beauty,
But have found no words.
In the eternal life of your love, my heart resides.

God has graced me with your presence,
You are my religion.
Your skin glows white, but your spirit shines with all the magnificence of the rainbow.
In this dark abyss of existence, you illuminate the four corners of the world.
Your face shining brighter than ten thousand beaming suns,
I can now stare no longer.

My lips tremble at the sight of yours, my whole body shakes.
Fiery red with passion, they part
Created in none other than the image of the Creator himself,
Overflowing with blossoming caress that this world has yet to see.

I want to touch with loving hands,
The grace by which you change me
And the hope which has brought me back to life.
Your gentle eyes have pierced the depths of my soul,
And I scream out in ecstasy, your name.

Everyday I love you
that much more.

The author's comments:
Waking up from a beautiful dream, I wrote this poem about the love I wish I had.

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