Anger at You

August 27, 2011
By Anonymous

I feel the venom fill my mouth,
I could slap you,
And I beg you,
Don’t open your mouth,
I promise it won’t help.
You act stupid,
Always playing innocent,
And I can’t tell,
Are you intentionally mean,
Or just blind to it?
Tell me,
Can anyone really be so dumb?
I truly hate you,
Always making me so pissed off,
But you’re so perfect,
Can’t do anything wrong.
I often yell,
Because you drive me insane..
You fail as a person,
But make a wonderful fake.
Enjoy you’re life,
It’ll be double the fun,
Since you seem to live a double lie.
I can’t handle this loathing,
It gets to be too much,
And I just freak out.
No one else ever sees it,
They all just adore you,
All I can do is stop myself,
From doing what I really want to.
Punching you,
Really hard.

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