No One Else But Me

August 27, 2011
Who am I?
I am me.
I am no one else but me.
No one else is me.
Feel the fire
Feel the burn
Feel the water
Feel me drown.

What am I?
I am human.
Homo Sapien
Is what I am.

How do I look?
Happy, maybe,
I ‘m not quite sure
I can’t tell if the smile is still intact.
Still deceptively intact.

How do I feel?
I feel hurt.
By you, who knows me not.
By my friends
My family-
The ones I love
Who fight each other.

What do I want?
Just one thing-
Look at me.
Look. At. Me.
Look at me
For who I am.
Not for who you think I am.

Who am I?
I am me
I am human
I am hurt
I am a hidden crying thing
I am no one else but me.
And no one else is me.
No one else but me.

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