The Fools

August 27, 2011
A seconds contact of the lingering lips
Assures her, his intentions are pure
Caressing followed by gentle fingertips
Reassures him, her faith is secure
Lovely, lovely, why do you not love me?
Can you not see past the hazards?
Sweetie, sweetie, reject me so discreetly?
Can I live up to your standards?
Pressing his pained closed mouth to her shoulder
Makes her realize how he truly feels
Her disdain leaves him feeling colder
Leaving him more emotion then a kiss seals
Beloved, beloved, why do you seem to rugged?
Is it because the guilt eats at your soul?
Darling, Darling, whats with the snarling?
Could it be I was your only console?
She reaches again to clasp his hand
Sparking a moment of his interest
He retreats her gesture, quite unplanned
A tear falls from her eye as he grimaced
Imbeciles, imbeciles, are you both so daft?
Can you not understand what you relinquished?
Tearing your single heart now in half
Letting the once flame now be diminished

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