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August 27, 2011
By Anonymous

the phone rings
constantly being contacted
feeling powerful
so happy at the attention thrown her way
until it clicks in her head
the light bulb is on
that the ones showering her in
this undeniable glow of happiness
they are intoxicated
no sobriety for her
no they shy away from her in their consciousness
she is too... something
it is not for her to know
her only knowledge is that the men
she wishes to cavort with
are not men but boys playing at being men
too scared to make a move
but wanting to claim
entrap and imprison her
the glorious bird of flight
this predator
left alone in a gold painted cage
not what it seems
not what she needs
when escape appears
she takes it
never looking back
but is judged
her wings are clipped
and she can fly no more
still the attention pours in
she tries again
and falls
never able to soar above
rise to the sun
she drowns like Icarus
the wax holding her to her dream is gone
and she falls
again into the cage of unworthy men
intoxicated by her and because of her
they cannot behold her in her true glory
she would burn them all away
so they cover her up
hide her away.
and in her tragic torment
she cries
when will she be free?

The author's comments:
a drunk dial from a friend

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