I Fear You

August 26, 2011
By Anonymous

Smiling as if everything is fine
You can’t see my scars
Laughing at the foolishness I see
I couldn’t see that I was marred

Pushed to the back of mind
Pushed to an empty space in my life
Seeming regular
Knowing I’m destroyed

I trusted you with everything I had
I gave you my life
You tortured me into fear
Into the nothingness I am

You drove me mad
The pain is unbearable
You close your eyes against the lost soul you created
You can’t stand what I am

Falling into a dark abyss
Frozen in a world of hopelessness
Frightened by who you are
Blinded by my tears

I push at you
At what you’ve done
I try to make my façade stable
But like a wall it slowly crumbles

Forsaken, you’ve painted my way in life
Never will I be able to live
My world is like a carousel
But instead of joy, it’s repeated pain

Thank you for destroying everything I’ve known
I fear the darkness, I fear the light
I fear tomorrow and yesterday
I fear you

The author's comments:
Do you know what it feels like to fear the one you're supposed to depend on, the one you're supposed to love no matter what? I do.

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