This is the Last Freaking Poem I'm Writing About You

August 26, 2011
By Marissabd242 GOLD, Nashville, Tennessee
Marissabd242 GOLD, Nashville, Tennessee
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You can bind my body, tie my hands, govern my acts...You have the will of the stronger, and society conforms you in it...But you cannot command my will, monsieur...God alone can bend and subdue it - Indiana, George Sand

I can't help but notice
the way your grin lingers
like a phantom, like a star in the night
sky that is the air between us, space
I yearn to close, the vacuum
draws me in, attracts me
positive to the negative, you are my
magnet. Six short months and you are
by far
my favorite, your eyes are
             falling stars, impact 
on the surface of my soul and then
you are gone.
No goodbyes, no holidays, an asteroid 
launched across my atmosphere, you
ignite me and evaporate, leave me
to scratch through
the ashes, sniffing at your trail
of cinnamon condensation 
but incapable 
of tasting stratosphere.

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