August 26, 2011
By JShap113 SILVER, Newport Beach, California
JShap113 SILVER, Newport Beach, California
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Beauty is the perfectly imperfect.

A girl with a crooked nose and a dream.

The boy who loves that girl.

A handsome rose lined with thorns.

A sunset lasting one exquisite second though they waited for it for hours.

An airplane parting love but sending her to a different form of it, her dream.

A dream reached after years of chasing.

A slightly sloppy letter, his many eager thoughts to her spilling out ink at once.

Two long-separated lovers reunited after years.

A delayed and passionate kiss.

A child who cries often but laughs even more.

A story about a typical love, imperfect and beautiful.
About typical people, imperfect and beautiful.

Beauty is profound and sometimes hidden—train your eye to see it.

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