I Wanna Be

August 26, 2011
I wanna be...
The one who's on your mind 24/7
I wanna be...
The one you'd do anything just to see smile
I wanna be...
The one you tickle breathless
I wanna be...
The one you rock to sleep in your arms
I wanna be...
The one you love.

Because, your the one who's on my mind.
Your the one, I try to make smile
Your the one, I wanna tickle breathless
Your the one, I wanna fall asleep on
Your the one, I love.

Because, as I cry myself to sleep,
I think of you
And how you make so happy
But yet, you cause me the most pain,
I've ever felt.

Because, boy, I'd do anything to be yours.
I'd sacrifice myself, if it meant you'd be happy.

You say you understand
You say, you know how I feel about you...
But you don't.
You don't understand.
Because if you did, you'd be with me
Not her.

because I know,
She could never love you,
As much as I do...

I'd defend you 'til the end of the world.
I'd kill myself, if it'd make you happy.
I'd love you, 'til the day I die.

But until the day comes,
Where you realize.
I'm the one you belong with,
I'll wait.
Not matter how much pain I feel,
No matter how many tears I cry,
I'll wait a lifetime,
If it means, I'd get even a day with you.
Because, for me, it's heaven,
When i see you...

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