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August 26, 2011
By daniemore BRONZE, Strongsville, Ohio
daniemore BRONZE, Strongsville, Ohio
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"You don't deserve a point of view, if the only thing you see is you." - Playing God ~ Paramore

I close my eyes and can see him fill my dreams
The perfect man I hope to love someday
But when I finally catch up to him,
I’m awakened by my alarm clock

I sit in a classroom
Picturing him sitting next to me
Making me smile
Making me laugh
But am awakened
By my teacher waiting for an answer
I do not have

I see him walking through the thick
Crowd of students in the hall
Until the school bell
Goes off
And he disappears

My friends introduce me to the
New kid at school
Looking nothing like the my dream man

The boy talks to me
For the rest of the day
Making me laugh
Making me smile
And soon forgetting about
My dream man’s expectations
Believing I found something better

It’s near 1a.m. when I close my eyes
And am enveloped with my dream man
But something’s different
He does not make me smile
Does not make me laugh
Not the same like the boy
I met at school

As I walk to class
I do not see him on my way there
He does not come to distract me
From my class lecture

I see him as I come out of class
Waiting for me
Not the man I dreamed up
But the boy I can touch and hold
And never be taken away
From me

The author's comments:
This is what I considered one of my "Taylor Swift" poems. I decided one day that it would be easy to write lyrics like Taylor Swift does about her relationships, so this is my very first "love" related poem.

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