My Heart

August 26, 2011
By SabreEleven DIAMOND, Madeira, Ohio
SabreEleven DIAMOND, Madeira, Ohio
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Happiness flows into
My heart
When I hear this

Considering what happened last night
Quickly became the biggest scare
Of my entire

I needed this song
Wanted this song to change
My heart
When I hear it

Some parts angry like
My heart
Last night
Scared me more than anything
Nothing in the world compared

So I ran out my anger
Only to be filled
With sadness once more

But the morning after
One text message calmed
My heart
After I found
Her to be ok

Everything seemed to flow
A peanut butter sandwich
Completed with jelly was
My heart

Finished and perfect
Yet again
My heart
The broken pieces
Now glued together

Hoping to turn that glue
Into something more stable
Is it possible for
My heart
To beat, yet again?

Beat these next few years
Keeping me going through
My heart
Will beat with hers
Keeping time
Like a metronome does
Like a marching band
Trotting in sync
With one another
My heart
With hers

Thinking about death
Is not something
Anyone likes to do
My heart
Like yours avoiding the thought
Like the plague

Having experienced a friend’s
Only played tricks on me, on
My heart
Last night
Only made me think the worst

But now that everything is
Now that
My heart
Is like the wind
Always moving
Only ceasing when a
Scare stops it cold

Now that I know she’s fine
I know that so will I
Be fine, like
My heart
Still beating endlessly
Until that final day when
My heart
Won’t beat
Won’t exist

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