Yu and Mii

August 26, 2011
By Marianne BRONZE, Lititz, Pennsylvania
Marianne BRONZE, Lititz, Pennsylvania
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Such a young couple

Yu and Mii
Two souls that bond together

A pair never meant to be
Cursed into this cold world

Filled with pain

Savoring every moment,

Protecting their names

Yu and Mii
It was them against the world

Yu, a young man

Mii, a teenage girl They said their love was forbidden

Yu and Mii say it was sworn

Confused by all kinds

Never thriving to be torn

Yu and Mii created a plan,
One that will permanently mend them

To cheat on life and kiss death,
Bonding their spirits forever
They said they'd never remain

as one
Now united is what they'll always


A perished couple

just you and me

The author's comments:
What actually inspired me to write this particular poem was a painting that i ran across. The painting put me in a deep state of mind. It was a drawing of a girl and boy holding hands while hanging from a tree. (The couple were obviously dead in the picture)i thought to myself what would happened to these two?? Why did they hang themselves?? Are they even a couple?? So i decided to write my own story to what may have drawn them to this conclusion.

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