You Know Who You Are

August 21, 2011
You've shown me a different side;

a different light; a different lie.

The lie of believing I had ever had the best before you.

If today was my last day, this being my last call,

I'f call you and thank you for it all.

I met you by chance and love you by choice.

Let me tell you, you are perfect.

You are more than you get credit for!

And let me just say you have your head on straight.

You know how to concentrate

and I admire this trait.

I couldnt have asked for a better boy, a better friend.

And I'll always thank you for that until the very end.

And I would like to say,

Even though you are far,

Even though I complain,

Thank you for being you;; ( you know who you are)

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