I'm an Atheist

July 29, 2011
By AdultSwim PLATINUM, Chicago Ridge, Illinois
AdultSwim PLATINUM, Chicago Ridge, Illinois
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Outspoken and arrogant
I'm an atheist
a heathen
with ability to reason
I think with my mind
not with my eyes
I know the sun doesn't rise
and the oceans don't sway
It's only the moon pulling on the tides

Entire civilizations born of stardust
Life migrating on powerful gusts
While I we can do is watch it pass before my eyes
and try to stake life where joy may hide
Lusting after thoughtless, mindless girls
Forging empty chainlinks in a gorgeous, life-strewn world
And as their words spat back converge
begin to swirl
Tensions rage
but I can't find the heart to make my loved ones' faith unfurl

So you tell me
What do you see
in living life for Him instead of thee?
What makes you saps avert your eyes
and tear them from the stars?
I have no love for being alive
without the beauty of those fires
as they shine down on us from distant space
burning on and on
lighting up your somber face
your stunning, starstruck, somber face

When the tensions fade
our minds calm down
and again I see what's real
A world so vast
yet fully mapped
My thoughts could be your meal
But instead you push aside the facts
and gorge on empty hope
When you could feast and feast from the tree God lacks
and feel reality attack

We the thoughtful all think free
the same as how we live
Because we don't feed from the troughs of gods
or their servants spewing s***
Because we see what's rare
and we love what's real
in all that may exist
Because together we stand
the way we were born
as eager atheists

The author's comments:
Know God, no peace.

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