Forgotten Image

August 21, 2011
By LostinWords BRONZE, Jefferson City, Missouri
LostinWords BRONZE, Jefferson City, Missouri
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I see a girl, behind the glass; her face framed in brunette.
Her image unfamiliar, though I sense that we have met.
Perhaps not in a world I know, but one I’ve left behind.
And the identity of a stranger, is hidden in my mind.
Her eyes are deeply guarded, afraid to show what lies beneath.
There’s fear and yet there’s boldness, and I see in her belief.
A reliance on a power greater than her mild state.
For there’s something lost about her smile, something desperate in her gait.
As if she’d lost a something, or a someone at some time.
And she can’t quite place what’s missing, for she’s left it far behind.
And as she stares back out at me, its almost like she’s seen.
A flicker of the something or the someone in between,
The left eye and the right eye on my own pale, puzzled visage.
Her look is almost hopeful, when to her hope is but wishes.
So I look more intently, and I realize with a start.
The girl that’s staring back at me, is trapped inside my heart.
A girl I long ago, forgot I was and still could be.
A girl inside the mirror whom I had hidden for none to see.
Until at last that girl was even hidden from her own.
For that’s the girl I ought to be, to whom I did dethrone.
And replace with an improved replica, who failed me in the end.
Yet this girl was still waiting, always faithful, always friend.
And perhaps by now the time has come and passed to be the one I am inside.
A girl who will step out of glass and heart; never more to hide.

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