August 20, 2011
By girlonfire14 BRONZE, Rainbow City, Alabama
girlonfire14 BRONZE, Rainbow City, Alabama
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Her moss muffled footfalls
Damp and shallow graves they left
In sun dappled fairy beds.
Lordly grace cushioned her movements,
Still and silent her breath mingles in air.
Whispers tickle pointed ears
She turns to ken more clear.
Silver orbs find ancient oak,
Spindly fingers reach to un-choke
And loose the voice of spirit encased.
Slow they ghost over knot and scar
Feel their way to demon laced
Cage that holds him shuddering.
Fair face betrays naught,
Conceals wrenched heart devil wrought
She backs away as she came
Distance desired from devil caught as
Evil chains fall away
A voice deep as earth, wide as heaven
Shimmers through air, echoes and sways
Forms the pieces of her name
And seems at last she is brought to being
Tresses dark as blackest night
Precede the rest of him into her sight
He caught her heart and made it still
Released from her that which kills
The final terror, unnatural chill

The author's comments:
Spawned from a moment of feverish inspiration sitting in English class.

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