your eyes

August 20, 2011
By jboothe14 BRONZE, Beaver, Pennsylvania
jboothe14 BRONZE, Beaver, Pennsylvania
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The day we met
We talked awhile
With all our friends
I just smiled
You looked me in the eyes
And I knew right then you’d be mine

A few days later
Our eyes met again
You gawked at the blueness
And told me you loved them
The eyes are the window to the soul
So in my mind you love me

I may be crazy
I may have taken things wrong
Your eyes are brown
And you say you hate them
But I love them
And I stare at them everyday

You know its just our notion
Like swimming in an ocean
I get so wrapped in the warmth of your eyes
Like a wave surrounding you
I don’t know what you see in me
But I know you will be mine

Eyes are also like a key
The key to the heart
What do you see in me

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