Letter: To You

August 23, 2011
By FirstPoet BRONZE, Loveland, Colorado
FirstPoet BRONZE, Loveland, Colorado
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I took scissors from the drawer
Then laid red paper near it
Bringing black ink and a pen
To write our story with it
And with it a perfectly cut card
In the most creative avant-garde
I cut roses and hearts in oversupply
While dipping my pen to write our lullaby
This forbidden letter that I write
In the darkness of this night
Is for one whom the stars surround
Worshipping the ground she walks around
And when the stars cease to shine
The sun next calls her mine
Laying gently her rays all around
The perfect beauty she has found
The celestials, in her absence, fear
The moon drops its infinite tears
The sun turns black at the end of her day
The stars’ glimmer and shine doth decay

Every thousands of the planets, suns and stars
Have searched each generation thus far
To find their idol of perfection and divinity
And in this adorned mortal they find their affinity
For this masterpiece made by God
Is his finale of a perfect ballade
That he writes for mortals and celestials alike
That no being he created could ever dislike
For the love he poured into the “one”
Was nothing less than the best nor overdone
But perfect in its amount and way
And until the time of Judgment day
Her presence shall enlighten the earth
And like the gold, frankincense and mirth
She shall be a gift to the world below
A gift that none but God could bestow
And to me that gift has been given
For in God my sins have been forgiven
And in return God has allowed
His perfect being and I vowed
And so now I say that I love you
With a passion that will never undue
I will live with you by my side forever
And our bond shall not be set to sever
So pray for a life of happiness and love
And praise be to our God who lives above

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