ouY, hO

August 22, 2011
By Anonymous

I've been thinking of a black-haired kitty kat
Not really sure where it's ventured at
All I know is that I've lost my own way
Walking on a path I haven't seen before
Missing the brown-eyed devil: Ultra Lord
Can't really say what brings me back to it
But the kitty kat keeps purring
This world keeps turning
And I just get more left-behind
As if I didn't already lose what once was mine
I've got to listen to this song on re-play
When I really don't care what this kid's got to say
But my Father taught me what respect was like
And that we aren't all owed it in this life
We have to fight for the things we want
We gotta act because any dumb s*** can talk
But baby I can walk the walk
All I need is a little time
And I'll forget the little kitten has gone away
And I'll remember how to live a peaceful day
And even though I'm running out of s*** to say
I'ma use these words to fly, fly, fly away

The author's comments:
Silence is a thing my mind knows not of.

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