First Kiss

August 22, 2011
By Anonymous

The first kiss is always the most awkward
The way you go in for the kill
That last minute adjustment of head angle
The praying that the person in front of you wants this kiss as much as you do
And then your lips touch
And every sense in your body is heightened
Your heart thuds
Your mind races
Then you feel it
Two sets of lips mashed against each other
Yep here is your first kiss

All the while you are mentally freaking out
“Oh my god we are kissing! Wait are my arms in the right place? Eyes open or closed? Oh, wait don’t forget to


Once you regain a steady breathing pattern
Your mind slows to the realization of what is happening and there is no turning back
Which leads your whole body to a sigh of relief
Then you relax and stop worrying if it’s the perfect first kiss
And then you feel it

That spark!
A flame that warms as it dances through your veins and carries a subtle tinge of romance
Your mind starts up again
“This is the kiss, the first of many! And this must be the spark that everyone boasts about”
Then all too soon or all too long someone pulls away
And you both are just standing there glowing in the light of what just happened
Afraid to speak
Afraid to loose that kiss on your lips

But sadly this is goodbye for now
And your short walk back to your car seems like ten miles up hill through sleet and snow
And all the while you wish that their lips could be there to warm your own
You get back to your car looking back for the first time since your march began and see them with their adoring eyes on you
You get in your car looking back for that last time and see that they have made it to the solitary confinement of their house
You fumble to turn your car on
Hesitant of pulling away and taking that long ride back home
But luckily you have the comfort of their lips to make this drive short and painless
And for the first time you really begin to multitask
You keep reliving that kiss and driving and all the while figuring out how to text all your friends about this momentous occasion
Then you arrive back home, not willing yourself to wash away the night afraid to loose the sensation of their lips
And while you fall asleep for the first time you know you are the happiest person in the world

Which is why this kiss
The first kiss
Is my favorite

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