when i find you

August 22, 2011
The day I'll say i do is the day that i find you.
I always wondered, what kind of man will you be,
the man that i need or the man of my dreams.
one clue will make me happy,
where are you ? or when are we going to meet?
justt one clue is all i need.
am not asking for much just show me a sign of love.
maybe you did and i was to blind to see.
show me again this time i promised i wont be missed.
give me one more chance
a chance for your love
and a chance to be held in your arms and know the feeling of real love for the firs time.
maybe your closer than i thought and not on the other side of the sea.
if you are right here next to, show me a sign let me know you really exist.
i maybe impatient but for your love i will wait.
i maybe stubborn but to your heart i will listen.
i maybe hurtful but to you i will be harmless.
the day that i find you is the day i say i do.

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