The Inner Conflict

August 22, 2011
By YoAyeJay BRONZE, Ontario, California
YoAyeJay BRONZE, Ontario, California
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The air is thick around me
It weighs heavily on my shoulders
The foreboding, grey sky rumbles
I look straight ahead, I see you coming
I turn to run,
But my feet melt into the pavement
I try and twist myself free of you
You latch onto me and squeeze
Like an anaconda, I can’t breathe
I beg for you to let me go
You laugh in my face, and watch me suffer
You weren’t suppose to do this to me
Can’t you hold me carefully?
Don’t crush my bones like that
I feel the poison running through my veins
Like inky, black sludge
No matter how much I struggle
I can’t rid of you
I feel it getting closer to my heart
The poison, grasping my insides
I think I’ll give in, let you take me
I allow you to take over
But as soon as I accept you,
You drop me on the floor
Quickly retreating back, far away from me
You don’t like it when you’re accepted
It’s a too easy task for you
I look into his big brown eyes
And he sneers at my existence
he hates me now,
all because of you
I didn’t do anything wrong
All I did was say “I love you”…
By: Angelica M.

The author's comments:
This poem is more about the actual meaning of Love. (Well my personal perception of love anyways)

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