And Everything Is A Love Song

August 22, 2011
By GuitarGirl42 BRONZE, Bellingham, Washington
GuitarGirl42 BRONZE, Bellingham, Washington
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Bittersweet chocolate chips
Ripped paper
Thousands of never finished sentences
Millions of words never formed by my shaking lips
Salty cheeks
Belated news
Caps lock is on
And everything is a love song

She said it was dangerous
And forbidden
So we rushed out
To prove ourselves reckless
And to prove that love
Conquers everything

We swung our legs
Over the edge of the bridge
Laughed at the height
Heady in the danger
And your perfume
Popping multi-colored bubbles
With our bare feet
Glittering highlights
Of sunlight
In your caramel colored hair

You said you’d be here forever
I said that I knew that
And we sat in our isolated moment
I woke up

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