We Are All Soldiers

August 26, 2011
By Briii95 GOLD, Derby, Connecticut
Briii95 GOLD, Derby, Connecticut
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Everything happens for a reason.

Did you ever think of the soldiers that fought for us?
Fighting for our freedom so we don’t suffer in pain
A soldier that is still fighting after death
So they aren’t forgotten for what they have done
For us all, that affects us to this day
We can’t help but say, our soldiers put up a strong fight
That’s still lasting to this day
The new soldiers aren’t just in the service
But those that are fighters
People fighting to live, survive
People fighting to find their way through life
They have stories that prove they are soldiers
Proving to this world they are someone that can’t just be thrown away
Forgotten as if it never happened
Turn their sorrow into something golden
They are meant to be remembered
Because we are all soldiers
Fighting our own war

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