When Reality Sleeps

August 22, 2011
By Anonymous

An eerie silence has fallen over the house,
As everyone has fallen into a deep slumber.
Leaving only me to prowl the dark hallways.
Not a thing beats.
Everything is stone, cold still.
I wonder if everyone one is not actually dead,
Frozen in a sleep like state, never to wake up again,
Or if everyone is alive
And I am the one who is dead.
I suppose it must be the second choice,
Alone in this darkness,
Trapped in an endless abyss with only my conscious,
This seems to be what death would feel like.
Traveling as a ghostly spirit throughout foreign lands.
Shifting through empty passageways
As the world around you sleeps, never changing,
Always the same.
I hear the clocks chiming.
Pulling me back to reality,
Reminding me that I am not yet dead.
What a mysterious time night is.
When the fictitious become reality
And reality fades into a distant dream.

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