Miles Away

August 24, 2011
By Anonymous

I can see your tears
miles away
don't have to be with you
to know your heart
is bleeding, broken
lies that you were fed
you popped them like medicine
kept you at ease
now mania settles
from a distance
I hear your pleading screams
I wince at the sound
don't have to be with you
to feel your head is
shutting down, error
virus detected in
the core of your heart
you shake and cry
I imagine a lullaby
from across the small ocean
that must seperate us
I can feel the blood
warm as it flows
from your wrist
sticky, angry red
pulsing, a web of
deeply ingrained memories
that I read on your arms
I sense the pain
that I inflicted
it kills me
decimates me inside
but all this from
far away, like the
look inside your watery eyes
too much between us
too little keeping us apart
I feel you come closer
I drift farther apart.

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