August 11, 2011
Yesterday will never return and time will never rewind.
Certain opportunities will arrive once and the unprepared are left behind.
How your time is spent and actions made can never be reversed.
Ignorance is a bubble that tough living will burst.

I look out the window during the colorful sunset
And wonder if I've lived life today with no resentment or regret.
Have I given my all by doing nothing but my best effort?
In the end can I say, "My achievements inspired the best from people of all sort?"

Some days I improve or fail on my purpose yet I grow stronger and wiser.
My experiences in life motivate me to achieve even higher.
No matter what is done or said I will never have lived a perfect day.
Angels pick me up when I fall and help me find my way.

There will come a day when I will die along with yesterday.
The world will continue on the same while I disintegrate into clay.
I can only hope my example inspired one to live despite their sorrow.
I pray that when the trumpet blows I'll walk up in a heavenly tomorrow.

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