August 11, 2011
By Krisscross BRONZE, North Andover, Massachusetts
Krisscross BRONZE, North Andover, Massachusetts
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"Live, Laugh, Learn, and Love and Happiness will embrace you" -Unknown

What is inspiration?
You ask as I recycle my cup.
What is beauty?
You ask as we stroll through the woods.
Where is God?
You ask as you trip and I catch you.
Who am I?
You ask as we reach the top of the mountain.
We sit and watch the sun, the sea, and the glowing world beneath us.
Is what we do important?
You look at me expectantly with inquisitive eyes.


Everyone is important in a small way that can make a big difference.
Everyone has unique beauty that cannot be duplicated anywhere.
Everyone spreads God’s presence every time they help and love another.
Individuals may seem small compared to the world, but what is important is to realize what makes you happy and then to go out and help others find the same.
Inspiration can start with a single person, something as small as giving a hug.
Inspiration becomes truly remarkable when it spreads.

I tell you this as we watch the sun seeping into, touching, every part of the land on this cloudless day.
You are my inspiration, I say.
You smile.
And you are mine, you say as you give me a hug.

The author's comments:
I was thinking about the world one day and realized that although we are many, we actually make up a whole. A beautiful whole. Sometimes people lose sight of that beauty or they are bombarded by so many ideas that they don't know what to believe in anymore. This is my philosophy, which comes from believing in the beauty of our world.

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