now you see now you know

August 25, 2011
so now you see now you know
that inside of me theres a light that glows
its brighter then you know
its brighter then can see
its brighter then the sun but your to careless to see, even though your right next to me
its slowly dieing with every day
but who cares its gonna end some day
maybe when i die maybe with your last good bye
so ill sit and what for tomorrow is one day less day till suns long gone
and all that will be left is light..
the light that comes from the ground were ill lay deep within the soil with the rest of the world
this isnt to be sad nor to be happy its to let you know that someday i will not glow not for you,not for me, not for anybody.
then that day youll want me back to lighten your days and to show you the ways

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