Again, I Can’t Listen To Your Latest Conquest (When I Am An Abandoned City)

August 25, 2011
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My phone keeps on ringing,
It’s the bad generic beat,
That makes me hate myself

The morning in the sunlight,
All of us just laugh together,
But at night, tonight, I won’t answer your call

The cacophony ends and I am left with guilt
It’s just a simple thing, such a simple thing,
That I do all wrong

Because if I hear it again,
I know you don’t mean to, it’s just what we do
But yet again, again

My phone keeps on ringing,
I know you count each one,
Sound cutting off, seeing how stupid I am

I know it’s nothing really
Half-hearted pointless thought
But again, again I wish I didn’t feel this way

The middle of the day,
Laying under trees talking,
But this night, tonight, I won’t be able to stop myself from thinking

Pity, such a pity,
When I start pitying myself
Wrapped in that tapestry we wove of hopeless dreams

I’ll hear it again, again
The faces change, the places changes,
Love is still the same

My phone keeps on ringing,
My inability to be friends
Keeping me from answering

The film settles over my eyes
Made of unspoken sighs
I don’t want to have to lie

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