Striving for ndependence

August 25, 2011
By Anonymous

Look your self in the mirror
And tell yourself who you are.
And what are you going to do today for the world
What are you going to bring to the table Look yourself in the mirror
Before judging and telling someone to Grow up
And to be independent because it’s easy to say but harder to real do it.
Why do you ask how is it hard to be independent well?
By getting up and walking down the street or getting on the metro
Because some off us don’t know how.
And it is harder than you think

I am a girl who wakes up every morning
And I tell myself I can do things… and I do them because they are easy for me to do
And I overcome those things over time…
Like getting on the metro.
But there are certain things today. Like driving a car or learning how to drive a car
That scares me. Not because I don’t want to do it because I do but I am afraid
Of death and crashing.
But that is no excuse I know… because I strive for independents but it’s hard
And scary to do things, when you are kind of afraid and have a good reason to be.
But the question how do we overcome things that we are scared off.
Well do something knew everyday and challenges yourself to do it.

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