Laid Back

August 21, 2011
By MyaBunny BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
MyaBunny BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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"be you"

one worldwide rush to get up to speed, with a mass population full of dreammakers and risk takers. The lovers and fighters,readers and writers who watch the world go by, change by change. One after the other like acrobatic somersaults. Nonstop gracefully moving but then it gets faster and the lines are less defined and you cant see the movement. Its just a harsh blur, where are the graceful turns? They become lost, just like our friends. Lost in a cyber blur or a fast paced haze not stopping to see what can be seen, no, experienced in life. Where are the moments to take it all in? where are the people to admire life's picturesque view, the philosophers, creators or star gazers to point out what is unique. What is beautiful not to the majority but them,That small fraction that are not lost, distant, detached, and dismembered.

The author's comments:
about slowing down and enjoying life

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